Tuesday, November 2, 2010

For Richer and for Poorer- I get it now.

For Richer and for poorer….
I think I’ve had it all wrong ‘til now…. Having thought for all these years that richer and poorer was talking about money….
When the reality is so much bigger….
I use to count my riches by the number of coins…. Always coming up short
Or by the car I drove
Or by the home I own
By the whoozits and whatsits in my home
By the vacations I took
By the clothes I wore
….. Always coming up short
Thinking poorer was represented by….
The state of my bank accounts
The quarter tank of gas in my 10 yr old car that had to get me thru the week
The food that was and wasn’t in my pantry or freezer
The things I had to say ‘no’ to because there wasn’t money enough
Never enough money….equals poorer….
And so I thought that in this life I experienced one over the other….
Poverty over wealth….
When the reality has been that so far…. In this life…. I’ve lived much more richly than I ever imagined.
I own a wealth, a richness, that cannot be counted.
The richness of marital bliss…. Is mine.
The richness of great love…. Mine.
The richness of family…. Mine.
Richness and freedom of worship…. Mine.
Richness of a full belly…. Every day…. Mine.
Richness of good health…. Mine.
I could go on and on…. My life is rich where it counts….
Rich in the “stuff” of life…. The real stuff….
Rich in my relationship with Christ and in my relationships with others.
I know what it feels like to love greatly beyond measuring and to be loved like that in return. I know what it feels like to be depended upon for others very life’s necessities. What it feels like to form relationships that stand the test of time, truly…. Relationships that crack you wide open where all your love and all your faults and issues come flooding out and you find when you are there, right there- broken wide open…. you are still loved and still accepted.
To be broken and spilled out and still be filled.
That is richness. Real wealth.
As for poverty…. Being poor in coinage is the least of it….
Unfortunately I have been poor in other areas….
I have behaved poorly
Loved poorly
Forgave poorly
Overlooked faults poorly
Demonstrated faith poorly
Gave compassion poorly
Responded poorly
Spoke poorly
And at times I have lived poorly simply because I could not truly see the richness and wealth I am considerably immersed in daily. I have overlooked the every-day-living, day-in-and-day-out blessings God pours out on me moment by moment because my eyes have been too focused on what I don’t have….
Where I have seen a lack of wealth there has been a hidden cache of richness.
In my every day ordinary living. Riches that compound daily right before my eyes.
Where I have overlooked and dismissed there has been poverty…. A poverty of the spirit. A poorness that has tapped into the hidden cache and began to steal my riches because I didn’t see them and realize their value and protect them…. Too busy thinking I was in poverty to know I have the ability to live richly.
No longer.
My eyes are open…. I see the gleaming wealth and know its worth. I determine to protect it and cherish it and share it….
I understand better the “for poorer” and determine to do things richly instead of poorly.
Thereby sharing my wealth instead of stealing from others.
This is what is meant by growing your wealth…. Exponentially.
This is what is really meant when Dave Ramsey says….
Live like no one else so you can LIVE like no one else.

I know what it is to be in need,
and I know what it is to have plenty.
I have learned the secret of
being content in any and every situation,
whether well fed or hungry,
whether living in plenty or in want.
Philippians 4:12

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  1. beautifuly said! I want to share this post with my husband who is deployed, and always worrying about "security". We just talked about this subject last night.



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