Friday, November 12, 2010

Excitement- My Article Published!

I am bubbling over with excitement!

The Old Schoolhouse holiday e-book is out and I have an article in it! The article is Gifts of Three For Christmas.
My article is about how we give three gifts to our children each Christmas just like the Wise Men gave three gifts to Jesus.
Which reminds me....
I've been working on putting together some Christmas ideas to share on here and that is one of them.
So you could read the article or just wait for me to put something similiar on here.
Plus I'll be sharing some fun and frugal gift-giving ideas....

Putting out a special thanks right here to all the TOS readers that are popping in....


  1. I popped over here after reading your TOS article--loved it!! Looking forward to the promised post on fun and frugal gift-giving ideas :o)

  2. A friend gave me the article you wrote at small group last night and I love it! I haven't given it to my husband yet but when he gets home this evening it will be something I look forward to discussing. We had already agreed Christmas in our house won't be about the presents but what a great idea with the gold gift, etc. Happy to find your blog and the fabulous ideas.

  3. By the way, I posted a blog about your article. Hope that's alright!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my Pursuing Heart blog. I popped over here to see your place ... love your idea about three gifts!



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