Monday, October 11, 2010

Prayers, Rocks, Pumpkins, Pancakes and Farms

Multitude Monday at Ann’s today…. Sharing our Endless Gratitude…. And this is mine….
Pockets full of rocks
Sun shining thru the clouds
Old typewriters displaying favorite quotes
Quicker than quick answers to prayer
Prayers when He says “wait” and then…. When the “wait” is over….
Moon rise over a corn field
Bright orange pumpkins
Impromptu family field trips
Saying yes instead of no
How much fun there is in the “yes’s”
A family heirloom passed down to me [walnut chest 167 years old]
Homemade oatmeal with blueberries we hand-picked on a crisp fall morning
The smell of pine
Handfuls of pinecones
Fresh caught fish
Watercolor painting
Moss covered rocks alongside the trail
My cozy home
Finding pictures in the clouds
Bobbing sunflower heads all in a row
John Deere Tractors
A metal roof…. The sound of the rain pelting it….
Homegrown tomatoes still warm from the sun- holding such goodness in the palm of your hand
Two track dirt roads thru a dense forest and the adventure of where it leads….
He Leads me
Happy Mail
Old Barns
Farms, homesteads, farmhouses…. All things farm
A laundry room with only clean laundry in it
Quiet car rides
Loud and crazy car rides
Sunlight thru stained glass
Bookmarks- made by my 6 year old
Pressing leaves
Watching Ms. Books learn from Mr. Steady how to make perfect pancakes
My baby niece being dedicated to the Lord- watching her parents hold her and knowing they get it…. The responsibility and the privilege….
A sketchbook and a jarful of colored pencils
Listening to Ms. Books quote the verses she is memorizing from the Book of John
Gold star stickers
Blackboards and white chalk
That cozy favorite sweater
Our Schoolroom bursting with books and learning

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  1. What a great list! I love the pictures!



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