Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Days of our Harvest

Mr. Steady gathered the last of the green beans from the garden yesterday….
About 1 ½ pounds worth…..
A good ending, I think.
Of our 2 volunteer pumpkins…. One survived and holds a place of honor on the front porch.
We’re covering up the tomatoes each evening with the hopes of eking out a few more days of harvesting.
The porch table will soon be completely covered with the green to ripening red-orange fruits….
A couple of onions remain in the ground…. Mr. Steady plans to pull them soon.
He continues to bring in handfuls of cucumbers each evening…. There are two full to-the-top gallon sized buckets currently on my kitchen floor…. He’s set to make more pickles…. Probably the beginning of next week. He says the cukes will be done soon since he’s not covering them up at night.
I’ve got more mint to hang for drying…. Ms. Books is making notes for experiments on making her own tea mixes…..
Only one apple was found hanging on the Granny Smith Apple Tree…. Mr. Conductor picked it and to his dismay there was a worm in it….
Some flowers continue to bloom in my garden…. I leave them there as they make me smile as I walk by
Our harvesting will soon come to a close…. We’ll put the garden beds to sleep for the winter with a layer of compost and leaves….
We continue to discuss and I make notes of how Mr. Steady wants to change the shape of the big garden, lists of what we want to plant, ideas of where we want to plant it…. The possible addition of one or two more raised beds, our thoughts on trying potatoes again…. Plans for a cold frame as it is my hope to start our lettuce even earlier next year…. Mr. Steady mentions peas and I use my veto…. Thoughts on a different variety of carrot…. And on pair plantings …. Mr. Steady heard that planting tomatoes and oregano together adds to the tomato’s flavor, which reminds him that my oregano has been encroaching on his part of the garden for far too long…. There’s just too much of it…. Where to move it….
A friend mentions a spot where hostas are available- free for the digging and I ponder adding a few more in front of the kitchen….
This is wonderful weather for fall transplanting…. Still so warm out…. I think I’ll just stick to planting hostas…. The squirrels are always digging up my tulips…. Ms. Books thinks she’s found a way to combat them…. She made a concoction she entitled Squirrel-B-Gone from an old gardening tonics book…. She dipped walnuts in the solution and strategically placed them throughout the yard.
So far there are still squirrels in my yard…. About half a dozen most days…. Enjoying the walnut feast in the back yard.


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