Friday, October 1, 2010

Ah, Old October....

All things on earth point home in old October....
- Thomas Wolfe

Ah, to October… I heart thee mightily…
I am thankful today to flip the calendar to a new month and leave the overwhelmingness of September behind me…. To embrace this lovely month in which I have filled up my calendar with Family Days instead of running amok….
Time for cozy soup suppers
Family movie nites with popcorn
And extra butter….
Sitting in the stands to root for a local football team
Family campfires with read-alouds by flashlight
Fall baking with the kiddos…. Getting out all my pumpkin recipes
A color-tour drive thru the country side…. With a few roadside stand stops along the way….
Hot cocoa in your hand and crunchy leaves under foot…. Fall hiking
Filling our pockets with interesting acorns and other nuts
Using a large acorn cap as a whistle
Pressing pretty leaves between the pages of a book
Writing out our thankfuls in journals and sharing at the supper table
A month to ponder
To enjoy nature
And family
And be….

This tally goes on my Grateful Heart list [88-101]


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