Friday, September 24, 2010

More Moments

Me wishing to be like a snail….
And slow things down….
Yesterday’s post got me to thinking and pondering some more on how to change things up a bit.
Getting my sustenance inside my days….
And so I find….
I’m missing the midst of my days…. I’m so focused on all that must be done, achieved, checked-off on the list that I do not take the time to enjoy the moment…. The precious moments in the midst of the day….
Stop hustling and fretting and fussing and frustrating….
Slow down and simply be….
Be present in the moment
Be present with my children
Be present with my husband
Be present in my home
Be present in all my relationships
Be present with my Lord….
I’ve been hungry and hurried….
Craving sustenance and a slower pace….
And yet stopping none of the “stuff and fluff” that fills up my life in order to be fed….
How does one go about doing that?
I realize I need to be intentional about slowing down and making moments matter but how does that exactly play out???? Reality-wise?
Well, first off, it means whittling down the calendar of fluff and putting in the stuff that matters….
Like walking and biking in the evening as a family….
Reading a book out loud together and so much more….
So very much more….
It is the more that inspires me….
More Moments
And so, while it may seems silly to some, I know myself and I must be intentional… so I am putting it on my calendar “family time” and making lists on scraps of pretty paper of things we’d like to do together as a family….
Nature hikes and bike rides and walks to the ice cream shop….
Star gazing and apple picking…..
Knitting projects to be finished and others to be begun….
Pumpkin desserts to bake…. Yummy oatmeal to make….
Family campfires and read alouds….
Fall color tours…. Apple cider tasting…. Donut making…. Puzzle put-togethers with a large side of popcorn…. Family game nite…. Hide-n-Seek…. Extra snuggles and one more story…. A fun trip to the antique store.... Making pizza together from scratch.... Filling the kitchen table with art projects....
Our days get filled up with this, that and the other, I just want to be more intentional about what this, that, and other is…. I want it to be moments that matter, the everyday, ordinary, runofthemill moments that get lost in the fast pace but tend to sparkle when you slow down and look at them in the right light….


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