Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Even when I can't stand- He holds me up.

I find it a good thing that most days I can simply sit here, steeped in it all and say in reverence, “I love my life.” This contentment that I have learned has been hard won and so I work hard not to let the days overwhelm and swallow me up….

Of course, some days this is much harder than others….
When those days threaten to steal the contentment and peace…. Those are the days when I sit and firmly decide to count my blessings in the midst of my chaos….
House a mess? Be thankful you have a home.
Schoolwork not complete? There is always tomorrow and be thankful for the opportunity to school at home and mindful of all the benefits you receive.
Laundry pile growing? Well, Lord, I’m thankful we have so many clothes and I’m thinkin’ perhaps we need to weed thru those and make some donations…..
Tongue in cheek….
My everyday days are overwhelmingly full of blessings that might just slide pass if I don’t stop to take opportunities to ponder on them….
And be thankful.
Even those chaotic crushing moments that have nothing to do with the everydayness of my life- those things that are big and heavy and extremely painful and persistent…. There are blessings there too, if I take the time to look and pray….
And make note of them.
I am learning to be grateful in the midst of the waves of chaos that sometimes threaten to swamp my life boat…. To ride out the waves and let out a “Whoop!”
I work to no longer cry out to God, “Oh, Lord do you see how big that wave of chaos and stress is that’s coming towards me?!”
Instead I strive to stand firm and say, “Whoo wee! Bring it on- my God is bigger than any wave, any hurt and every pain.”
Doesn’t mean that when that wave hits me full force that it won’t hurt…. Just that I won’t just be me standing against it.
God holds me up when I can no longer stand.

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  1. Hi Amy, I hope you are doing well. May I ask what variety of green beans you grew this summer that did so well for you? Were they bush beans or pole beans?
    My beans were not very productive. The stars of my summer garden were my raspberries, which produced like crazy, and a watermelon called "orange glo".
    My 15 year old ordered some heirloom seeds because we wanted to grow things you can't buy in the grocery store. She planted six varieties of lettuce, arugula, dwarf bok choy, and spinach, all of which did really well and were delicious.
    The biggest star was the orange glo watermelon. It is a large watermelon, which looks like a normal watermelon from the outside. The inside is orange with an almost tropical flavor. We are eating the last one right now. Next year my older daughter wants to also try another watermelon called "ali baba" which is red on the inside and is rated as very excellent in flavor and few seeds. We will definitely also plant an orange glo.



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