Thursday, September 23, 2010

Craving sustenance and the snail way....

Oh Goodness, I don’t mean to be so scarce….

September has been such an incredibly busy month…. So much so that I have scheduled in family time for October so I don’t over book us all! I have been so diligent in the past about making sure this doesn’t happen to our schedule and I admit I totally slipped up…. saying yes too many times without writing things down on the calendar…. In and effort not to continue this trend…. have begun putting info on my cell phone calendar as I always seem to have my phone with me. This seems to be working better but it can be tedious to put all the info in there….
I plan to prevail though…. I need things to slow down….
To a snails pace…. Would be preferable.
School has been going well, except for today…. When everything seems to stutter and collapse with the girls…. These kind of days are hard…. So thankful they don’t happen but once in a blue moon….
And so…. Morning school has flip-flopped to afternoon and evening because that’s the way it ended up. I don’t like it…. And I don’t have to like it…. But it is what it is…. Sigh.
I’ve put it to the Lord in prayer and the girls continue with their stacks of books as I take up a knitting project trying to calm myself and slow down….
I’m going walking this evening with a friend…. Hoping that will help also. Good physical exertion and lively conversation….
Our homeschool group day is tomorrow…. I’ve also spent the day prepping for my gardening class…. All is set and in boxes ready to haul to the car in the morning…. Wish my heart, mind and soul could be as easily dealt with today…..
Frustration got a hold of me in an ugly way today…. Its mostly tamped down now….
Arrow prayers and a cup of tea….
Listing gratitude and prayers in my journal….
Hugs and kisses from Mr. Steady….
Sustenance from the One and Only.....
All to help me put my world to rights

Surely God is my help;
The LORD is the one who sustains me.
Psalm 54:4

Photo: Stream run-off from a waterfall taken on our trip to the UP.... I wish for this in my backyard.... can't you just picture a hammock or a comfy garden chair with stool and little table for holding my books and coffee....


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