Friday, August 13, 2010

Taking school on the road

We’ll be starting school very soon…. That means I’m planning our annual Back-to-School family nite…. Complete with Alphabet dinner, Daddy Blessings and school cones. It is my plan to share some of our back-to-school traditions here….

We’ll start school and then go off on a family adventure…. And of course, since we homeschool, school can go with us—we call it Car Schooling.
Car schooling is basically our regular schedule with a few modifications. We continue with our reading and pared down language arts, add in audio CDs and travel journals. We halt the science experiments in favor of nature study as we spend a lot of time outdoors on our family adventures…. Math and geography come from map studies, calculating mileage and possible routes plus figuring gas mileage. Ms. Books gets in some photography practice and we get a ton of exercise with the hiking and running and swimming and exploring.....
It’s a great eclectic mix of learning that keeps things interesting and still allows plenty of time for family fun.
I wonder if I’ll ever cease to be amazed at all that this homeschooling lifestyle affords us….. at all the schooling and learning that surrounds us and seeps into our every day ordinary living.

photo: Mr. Conductor's drawing of the two of us beginning of last school year

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  1. Hi Amy, I heard about a great math website on the radio this week. It is called the Kahn Academy. A math teacher put up this free website and it goes from basic addition to linear algebra. It has really clear you-tubes on how to solve problems and practice problems. Best of all it is free!
    Our county library has a "tutor helpline" where kids can log in online and get help with different subjects. The problem is that you have to wait in line to be helped, and then the tutor can only help you with one question. But, it is free and very helpful. I doubt it will continue much longer as our library system has had budget cut after budget cut. There are now no periodicals at all.



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