Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to School Glimpse: Alphabet Dinner

The night before our first official day of school is very special in our home.
It’s Back-To-School Nite.
We begin by planning a very special family dinner we’ve dubbed The Alphabet Dinner.
Each year we move a little farther down the alphabet with our meal.
Here’s last year’s menu:
Amazing BBQ Chicken
Delicious Deviled Eggs
French Fries
Green Beans

Hot Homemade Bread
Ice Cubes
Ku-cumbers (stretching it, I know)
Mama’s mud buckets (special ice cream sundaes)

As you can see we made it to N. A dear friend adapted our tradition for her family- listing spoon, fork, knife, plate etc. Plus she made a veggie quiche and fruit salad and used the ingredients for the alphabet. She made it to Z, which was zucchini, of course.
I go over the menu with the kiddos every year and we’re hoping to add to our alphabet this year- as you can see, we love alliteration and get pretty creative with our descriptions. I am eager to see what the kiddos pick. I’ve already been told the Amazing BBQ Chicken and Delicious Deviled eggs are going to stay on the menu.
Not only do the children help plan the meal but they also help with the prepping, cooking and clean up. We set the table in honor of the occasion with apples and books and rocks and pencils and our best plates, cups and cloth napkins.
As we eat together we talk about our hopes, goals and wishes for the new school year. What we’re looking forward to and what we feel we need prayer about- those hard things we know are coming up…. like math.
After dinner clean up is finished, we move on to the Daddy Blessing.
And with that I leave you…. Waiting for the next post….


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