Monday, August 16, 2010

Gap toothed grins.... family jokes and sun-warmed sheets

Multitude Monday at Ann’s today….

Sharing our Endless Gratitude…. And this is mine….

My Grateful Heart List #26-55
26. His gap-toothed grin
27. Little Boy feet... dirt specked and grimy from a day of fun
28. Doing without
29. Apologies
30. The smell and feel of sun-warm good earth…. beneath your feet or sifting thru your fingers
31. Family inside jokes
32. The tickle monster
33. Reading aloud from good books
34. Deep dimples that show up wrinkles when you get a bit older
35. She loves to cook
36. Homeschooling
37. Finding my Love of a Lifetime
38. Crazy hyena laughs
39. Sharing the over-abundance of produce from the garden
40. Me- a beautiful mess
41. Letting go of past hurts
42. The blooming that bursting forth in the gardens
43. Love letters
44. The smell of soapy clean hands
45. Toothpasted kisses
46. Swinging high in a swing…. Trying to touch the sky or the closest tree
47. Fresh pressed linen napkins
48. Sun-dried sheets
49. Sassafras’s wild and windswept hair
50. Stacks of books with bookmarks hanging out like tags
51. Silence
52. Shelves full of books
53. A stocked pantry
54. The sound of rain on a metal roof
55. Daily welcome home kisses

Note: photo removed due to some serious concerns to its usage... please note that no photos are to be used from this site without my permission. Please.

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