Monday, August 30, 2010

Continuing Back to School Nite Traditions: The Daddy Blessing

The Lord bless you and keep you;…
The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.
Numbers 6:24, 26

After dinner clean up is finished, we move on to the Daddy Blessing. I can’t say enough what this particular tradition has meant to our family. Mr. Steady and I discussed the idea, hatched a plan and I found a wonderful book online…. We adapted it to our family and so began the Daddy Blessing in our home…. Six years ago and each and every year since. Mama lights the blessing candle and one by one the children kneel in front of their Daddy…. Some years we start with the oldest and others we end with the oldest. The children are always eager for their daddy blessings and always, always tissues are necessary for each and every one of us…..
These blessings are important, precious and special and are treated as such.
The word blessing in Hebrew means: to kneel, to lay hands on, to bestow favor.
As the child kneels, Daddy cups their face in his hands, looks straight into their eyes and begins the blessing…..
“You are my child, my joy, my treasure,
and in my heart I’ll hold you forever.
In every word spoken and every deed done,
remember my love and the love of God’s son…..

He then sets the rhyming aside and continues with specific blessings and prayers for each child for the coming year and thereafter. He speaks to our girls of their growing into young women and asks the Lord’s favor to shine upon them. He shares with them his desire that they will guard their hearts and protect their purity….
He holds his son’s face in his hands and I watch him swallow hard. This surprise child, our only son…. He speaks blessings on his head of being the man of the house when he is not present, of watching over and caring for his mother and sisters. He asks God’s special favor in growing this young boy to manhood and tells him “I know you have what it takes to grow up to be a great, godly man.” He speaks to him too of guarding his heart and maintaining a relationship with the Lord….. He looks him in the eye, kisses his forehead and whispers, “You are my son and I love you.”
My children smile wide thru their happy tears and I watch my son’s chest puff out, proud of the role he has and standing tall with his daddy’s blessing fresh on his shoulders.
Mama sits quietly on the sidelines…. Each word of blessing soaking into my heart ‘til I feel it just might burst. I say silent prayers as I watch my godly husband speak such beauty and bounty to our children.
I am overwhelmed.


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