Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School Nite Traditions: School Cones

After blessings have been said, I blow out the candle and pull out the school cones. These school cones, also known as Schultüte cones, are a German tradition and a nod to both mine and Mr. Steady’s German roots.
How to Make one for your very own- Go Here.

I fill them with new pencils, markers, fun erasers, silly socks, glow sticks, fancy shaped paper clips, mama-made jewelry, favorite packs of gum, mama-decorated mini notebooks…. Plus scented hand lotion and nail polish for the girls, Matchbox cars and pop-its for Mr. Conductor. And one “Get Out of School Free” card.
The children absolutely love our back-to-school nite traditions and wouldn’t even think of starting the new years without any one of them. These traditions helped our family transition from public school to homeschool family and have made our start to the new school year a very easy transition.
Oh, and I should mention….
Our evening ends with dessert [eaten in our jammies, of course].


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