Thursday, August 26, 2010


My summer is almost over….

I’m spending a good chunk of time getting everything in order for the upcoming school year. Arranging books, creating files, decorating binders and notebooks, filling out schedules, sharpening pencils, dusting off shelves, creating a new mama planner….. so much to do and I enjoy most every bit of it.
We are all so excited about school starting.
Back-to-school Nite is next Monday. The kids are helping with the planning.
We’re working our way thru the alphabet for our special dinner. And I’ve pulled out the tablecloth and napkins….
The schoolroom is getting spiffed up for the new year… cleaning away summer’s dust, sharpening pencils and the like….
The girls have picked out special outfits for the first day of school…. Thanks to Nana the Goodwill Shopping Queen. Mr. Conductor isn’t as big on the outfit thing but he gave the thumbs up to the stuff Nan picked out so he’s good to go.
The kiddos squeeze out the last few drops of summer now.... swimming, bike rides for ice cream, weeding the garden, running barefoot in the grass and other such carefree stuff. We're planning a short trip soon to visit family Up North and that excites too..... so while summer is indeed ending there are so many new and fun things beginning that it could almost go by unnoticed.....


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