Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st Day of School Tradition

We continue our family Back-to-School traditions with a special First Day of School Breakfast and cards.
The kiddos plan the menu and Mama cooks. We set the table all festive for the special occasion (ahem, we use the decore from the nite before) and at each child’s plate rests a special First Day of School card. Inside each is a hand written note of blessings and encouragement from Mama and Daddy.
This tradition was actually started by Mr. Steady while the girls were still in public school. He wrote them each a quick note and left it on the table before leaving for work…. The kids and I loved this so much that decided it must become an annual event and I created special cards on the computer and also added my own note alongside Mr. Steady’s.
The children take these special notes and tuck them in the front of their school binders where they are easily accessible throughout the school year for reminders and encouragement.

Photo @ right: Offical Photograph documenting our first day of school. We take a photo at our front door every year.... I really noticed this year how far up the door now those girls stand.... and that boy.... oh, you just gotta love him with his hands in his pockets....


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