Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blooming and blossoming....

Waking to a beautiful, cooler morning….

Listening to praise & worship music as we get ready for church….
Our Sunday Breakfast Tradition—coco wheats with dried cherries with a side of stacked toast….
Listening to Mr. Steady read from Proverbs while we finish eating and cleaning up after breakfast….
Mr. Conductor stuffing his pocket full of change…. His tithe—and oh, how happy he is to give it….
Interesting discussion in our Sunday School classes….
Powerful worship….
Ms. Books off with her best friend afterwards….
Sunday dinner with all the trimmings….
Attending our district church camp meeting in the big old tabernacle with my parents….
Reminiscing with my parents about the church campgrounds and our own memories of attending camp meetings and summer camps when we were young….
Stopping at the little ice cream shop for chocolate vanilla twist cones after the service--- another family tradition….
Catching the ice cream drips quick before they splattered on my skirt….
Mr. Steady tucking extra napkins into his shirt pocket and winking at me….
Holding hands with my dear man and having him kiss my wedding ring…. The knowing….
The quiet and routine of watering the gardens together in the twilight….
Blooming where I am planted.


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