Friday, July 23, 2010

Too Hot, I repeat- Too Hot!

It’s hot….
Too hot to breathe anywhere that doesn’t have air-conditioning….
And there is no a/c in the schoolroom--- this severely curtails my computer/online time…. Can’t say that is all bad--- so much other stuff that needs doing too but it’s just too hot….
Chatty phone calls with my mom and sis….
Kids applying finishing touches to cousins birthday cards…. It’s my niece’s 3rd birthday today…. Packaging a giant bubble wand, scented bubbles and a silly fun book about brave chickens….
Speaking of chickens—ordinance against them in t own…. Mr. Steady is contemplating having chickens elsewhere…. My momma is interested in a joint venture on their little farm…. Dad not so much….
Piled the kids into the car with water bottle and snacks to made deliveries—one to the Birthday niece and the other to my now one-day-overdue sister…. We made a special In The Pink trail mix for brother in law to take for noshing at the hospital & special baby gift thank you’s for Sis…. Plus we shared our plethora of sweet corn (courtesy of Mr. Steady’s parents)….
Shopping at the farm market in the little town on the way to Sis’s…. Lemon Boy tomatoes, crunchy lettuce and a dark green pepper went into my bag…. The kiddos picked out half a dozen gourmet doggie treats for Nana’s pooch & two bunches of flowers were chosen by my girls to surprise Auntie Em….
A lovely market I am sure we’ll visit again….
And so- taking lunch along with some farm market freshness to my Sis, the Auntie and imploring her Little Miss to come out as my sister has given her an eviction notice....
Enjoying the visit then it’s good-bye hugs and kisses and baby bump hugs & pats and we’re off….
Back road driving—wild flowers thriving…. I have scissors, a bucket and bottled water in the car…. We stop a few times to fill the bucket to overflowing with sweet peas, wild sunflowers, Queen Anne’s Lace, chicory blossoms and other beautiful blooms we don’t know….
Sassafras quips, “I’ll smell like flowers by the time we get home” as she balances the overflowing bucket between her feet….
The ride home seems longer as one by one the children drift off to sleep…. In a quiet car I pray—for my sister and the baby and over family and so much more….
So very much more….
God’s peace settles comfortably in our car as we drive home under a hot, hazy sky….
Greetings and Welcome Home from Mr. Steady…. Then his announcement “We’re going swimming!”…. waterlogged kids all clean & in jammies eating chicken fajita pizza and watching a family movie…. Mr. Steady dozing off in the chair—mama knitting and laughing…. And thinking these are the hot crabby days of summer & yet we still managed to squeeze out every last drop of goodness in the day!


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