Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thoughts on a Thursday

Another day begun with contemplative prayer…. Speaking prayer requests for others and laying my heart wide open in the morning quiet…. There is something to be said for speaking your heart out loud….
A busy morning chockfull of chores…. Dishes and dusting and laundry and such….
Enjoyable chores thanks to the praise and worship music we’ve got cranking….
Whiling away some free time working on my photography on the computer…. Creating new artwork that thrills my soul….
A wonderful, warm afternoon downpour—the kids begging to go out and play….
Oh, my yes!
Their laughter has me grinning as I set towels by the back door….
I love the sound of the rain on our metal roof—such music….
Sending out an impromptu dinner initiation to my sister-in-love as she shares her frustration over the phone about curriculum choices…. I say come over and look at my curriculum for next year….
Together she & I plan a dinner for 10 and I am thankful for a stocked pantry and the simple goodness of a simple meal shared with family….
She & I talk of homeschool curriculums and the weightiness of the responsibility we often feel--- what all hinges on the decisions we make regarding our children’s education…. Their futures…. So thankful that we have this golden opportunity to make these choices….
Enjoying the laughter of 8 kids playing from one end of the house to the other…. Then they leave and all is much, much quieter….

side note: some may notice that I post-posting my daily posts.... I continue to keep my daily journal here on the homestead but haven't been able to sneak away for much computer time so I am actually posting 3 or 4 days worth of daily-ness in one day.... which I think, somehow, works itself out in the end.


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