Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another day in the life....

Starting with some serious quiet time with God this morning…. Pouring out myself asking Him to fill me….

A quick visit from my mama with a wonderful surprise—An old typewriter…. This has been on my “wish list” for a long while now… God and my mama are so extra sweet!
Breakfast—English muffins with berry cream cheese and side dishes of diced fresh fruit… peaches, apricots, grapes and blueberries today….
Washing a load of Mr. Steady’s work clothes…. Thanking God for his job and asking him to bless the work of Mr. Steady’s hands—Establish the work of his hands Lord….
Administering first part of CAT to girls—praying for them as they work diligently….
Mr. Conductor creates mock battle scenes—one in his bedroom to be acted out for the girls after testing & another on the living room floor… complete with Lego encampments and fortifications….
As the girls test I listen to him stage his battles—his history lessons from last year mish-mashing together into a miniature war of his own creation…. Thankfully good always triumphs over evil….
I work on menu plans as the girls continue to test….
Lunch break—sub sandwiches with fresh mozzarella…. Broiled to perfect toasty, oozy cheesiness….
Spending the afternoon swimming with friends….
Daddy’s softball game in the evening…. So thankful for the drop in temperature….
Watering the garden in the dark and Mr. C picking an armful of cucumbers.
Listening to Adventures in Odyssey as a family….
Tucking Mr. C in and being amazed when he points to the glowing stars on his ceiling—when his sisters put his stars up they made the Big digger, Little Dipper and more…. How thrilling to know that our Astronomy studies last year are already bearing fruit.
Another Day…. Another God smile.


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