Thursday, July 8, 2010

The sound of the turning of a page

It smells earthy….

The air thick and heavy and hot.
We aren’t going out much and it seems as if our energy levels have dropped considerably—we are in the dog days of summer…
Those lazy days…
These are the book reading days and nights for family movies….
Sassafras is working her way through The Borrowers Series & Ms. Books has a stack or two--- a few Lori Wick books and re-reading (for possibly the 10th time) a series by Donita K Paul…. And also Love, Ruby Lavender (which I read too)—just because the cover art looked so interesting when we saw a summer reading display…. We are both glad to say that the book ahs lived up to its cover--- such a lively, quick read.
Mr. Conductor ready anything that strikes his fancy that he finds in the children’s section at the library--- books on trains and tractors and digger and bulldozers, Where’s Waldo & I Spy, books about frogs, toads and turtles…. He’s currently flipping through a thick volume on World War II bombers that he found in the new releases section--- like I said—it caught his fancy….
I have my own stacks…. Re-reading Jan Karon’s Mitford Series--- my very favoritest series by far--- I so wish to live on a farm outside Mitford…. Perhaps Hal & Marge Owen would be willing to sell…. I’m reading A Year Down Yonder aloud to Mr. C plus the couple of chapters of Encyclopedia Brown every night at bedtime that has become this summer’s routine….however, by my calculations, at the rate we are reading, we will have gone through all of the library’s Encyclopedia books within the next 2 weeks…. There are a slew of other books in my stacks…. Books I’ve been trying to finish for awhile but need to be in the mood to read…. An eclectic mix of homeschooling books, devotionals, fun reads and more…. each summer I try to at least skim read all the kiddos books for the coming school year so I know what’s what…. I often find myself immersed in these living books that make history come alive…. No wonder I often catch them sneaking next year’s readers off the shelves over the summer…. I just saw Ms. Books cart of The Odyssey a few moments ago….
I find such joy in looking about at the children & me sprawled out on couches, chairs & floor pillows lost in good reads…. Where the only sounds are our breathing and the turning of the page….


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