Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some quiet and some chaos

Beginning with quiet contemplation…. Bringing my petitions before the Lord…. Asking Him to calm my restlessness and worry….
Starting the girls off on their second & final day of testing…. Having some difficult moments and Sass quips that we should all stop and pray….

So we do….
And things mightily improve….
Enjoying a surprise drop-in visit from Nana bringing Cousin J to play with Mr. Conductor…. Who is incredibly thrilled to spend time with his cousin….
Listening to them talk & figure & calculate as they set up train track through-out my dining room…. And race John Deere Tractors and around and around and around the downstairs….
Loving their big silly grins….
Quiet contemplative conversation with my mama…. The Nana…. Discussing all the messiness, chaos and overwhelming joys and heartaches that make us all a family….
My sister is due to have her baby tomorrow…. More restlessness on her part…. and my own, as we are all so very excited to finally meet Little Miss….
I’m working thru, in my head, a prayer of blessing that I want to pray the first time I hold her in my arms…. The sweetness and love I want to whisper in her little ear…. The kisses I wish to bestow on her…. The auntie I want to be to her….
A late afternoon grocery date for Mr. Conductor and mama…. He pushes the cart and reaches the stuff on the lowest and highest shelves for me…. plus he opens and shuts doors and packs the groceries and generally is “being the man” his daddy has instructed him to be…. Again, I stand here watching and thinking—more moments to capture and hold on to…. Some day this little man of mine will be a big man and perhaps, going on grocery dates with mommy won’t be as exciting anymore…. But that won’t be for awhile and so I stop a moment and savor, just savor, the here and nowness of it all….
A special family supper made by Mama and Ms. Books followed up with a couple episodes of the Waltons….
In the gloaming of the evening, Mr. Steady takes the kiddos on a bike ride as I go off walking 3 miles with a close friend….
And as I bike home in the dark and see the cozy lights of home my heart swells…
We are so blessed.

photo: Mr. Conductor's Gnome garden


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