Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good gifts, casting aside worry-- Typical Thursday

Morning comes early and I greet it with low enthusiasm, my mind wandering to all the things on my lists and the worry that nags and tugs that I keep pushing back, back and back and farther back…. Only to have it creep up quick and slap me upside the head….
I curl on my side and begin to pray in earnest over those lists and that worry…. Lord, I commit this day to you. Please lead and guide me today. You are Lord over my circumstances, deliver me today, please, Lord Jesus.
The prayers flow and the worry squeezing my heart eases and I get out of bed with the enthusiasm that was lacking an hour before.
Sharing a breakfast of vanilla yogurt topped with fresh blueberries and a dusting of brown sugar with Ms. Books…. Quiet conversation and freckled smiles…. I treasure this quiet time with just her as the other two go scampering off to ride bikes in what will probably be the coolest part of the day….
Discussing a family matter on the phone with my dad and then my sister….
More prayer. Keep me from worry, Lord.
Last day of summer reading at the library…. Us 4 going to the celebratory luncheon…. I like a free lunch.
Simply amazed at God’s love for me--- when I walk into the library, there on the new release’s shelf is The Pioneer Woman Cooks…. A book I’ve been drooling over reading for awhile now and just skimmed thru at the store the nite before…. Told myself I couldn’t afford to buy it and hoped the library could try to inter-loan it for me …. So what a beautiful gift from God after the way I felt this morning and my prayer time and then to walk in and see this…. I felt like God was smiling at and loving on me….
Swimming with friends all afternoon….
Coming home feeling all nice and cool and Mr. Steady meeting us at the door…. Him sharing something special with me and I cried, oh I cried at God’s amazing goodness- how just like God to overwhelm me with sweetness and caring…. Affirmation- He heard my heart pleas this morning....
Sassafras’s unrestrained excitement over the FedEx guy delivering her MP3 player…. She’s worked hard these last few months to save for this player…. Waiting patiently for me to download a couple hundred songs for her….
Mama and kiddos movie nite as Mr. Steady is gone to a big ball game in Chicago…. Loving the laughter and a good family comedy….
Late nite reading…. Mama and the 3 all snuggled on the couch, each taking turns reading a book outloud….
And it rained today.
God is so good.


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