Friday, July 16, 2010

Loving this life....

Loving the everyday, ordinary-ness of eating breakfast together at the kitchen table….
Snapping beans with the kiddos at the kitchen table and talking of how we’ll add on to the garden and our someday farm….
Putting up 5 pounds of green beans in the freezer…. We need to stop eating them all or there won’t be any left to enjoy in the winter!
Enjoying the morning outside…. Ms. Books setting out her paints, Sassafras sketching, Mr. Conductor hauling Legos out to play in the shade on the patio….
Sheets hanging on the line….
My weekly phone call from my sister….
Watching a movie with our lunch—special treat!
Celebrating some good news with Mr. Steady….
Church camp meeting in the evening….
Watching kettle corn cooking and eating said corn….
Drinking from a neat old drinking fountain—same drinking fountain I drank from when I attended church camp as a kiddo….
Celebrating that it cooled down enough for a campfire with really big campfire marshmallows that make double smores….
Grinning and laughing like hyenas over the ooey-gooey marshmallow on our faces….
Thinking to myself, these average, ordinary days are really the best days.


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