Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just your average, ordinary every day Wednesday

Waking up early to read a good book in bed….
Fat fresh peaches on vanilla yogurt with brown sugar for breakfast….
A call from a friend just wanting to chat….
Hanging laundry on the line with my girls…. Thanking God for the stirring of breeze that kept it from being a hot chore but was instead a chat and giggle fest….
Listening to Sassafras read aloud while Ms. Books and I fold clothes….
The excitement of Ms. Books receiving a phone call that her sea creature made of recycled materials was a winner at the library and they want to take her picture for the local paper….
A hilarious summer program at the library that made us laugh and laugh….
Cooking up our first mess of green beans from the garden….
Mr. Steady helping my dad finish a new roof for their new porch….
Waiting for the cool of the evening to come….
Watching my husband and children and knowing what a great gift their laughter really is….


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