Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just a mid-summer day... colored pencils, duct tape, sprinkles & root beer

Sleeping in an extra 20 minutes, just because its summer and I can….
Working on reading with Mr. Conductor….
Listening to Sassafras & Mr. C biking around the yard…. Whooping & hollering….
Watching them make a fairy house out of found objects at the base of a large 100+ year old Maple….
The kids and I enjoying spurts of lounging summer laziness in between a few chores…. Somehow this makes the work not seem so much like work….
I am deep in the middle of a school planning session and Sassafras makes me lunch, complete with cloth napkin and frozen cherries in my lemonade….
Having an entertaining discussion with Mr. C about the making of two-sided tape….
Playing in the sprinkler….
Mr. C building a boat out of paper, colored pencils and pieces of bark, oh, and copious amounts of duct tape….
Stirring up a couple of cups of chocolate milk….
Red raspberry jam on half a homemade roll for an afternoon snack….
Dinner with my Sister-in-love and her kiddos before taking the kiddos to their VBS….
A grocery shopping date with Mr. Steady….
Homemade root beer poured in frosty glasses we put in the freezer- on purpose…. What a simple treat!
Walking with a friend in the cooler air of the dark, dark evening…. A time that seems to pull forth deeper, more serious conversations….
A foot soak and evening prayers to close out the day.


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