Monday, July 19, 2010

Creating an Intentional Grateful Heart.... Daily

In early November 2006, after reading a post by Ann Voscamp on her lovely, touching blog A Holy Experience…. I took up the challenge to write my own One Thousand Gifts or as I thought of it-- A Thousand Thankfuls. I had my 1000 Thankfuls list done by Thanksgiving that year….. I have added to my list over the years…. Even put it on my Facebook…. And Ann continues to add to her list, changing it from 1000 Gifts to Endless Gifts…. Endless Gratitude….

Endless…. Such a captivating word….

She has created a Gratitude Community seeking all Joy Finders that wish to put pen to paper, so to speak, and share their joy over their endless gifts….

I thought about scooping up and transferring my Thankfuls List from my old blog…. But it doesn’t feel right…. The old has gone and the new has come…. The woman who writes here today is different—and I want to honor that difference….

By starting a new list…. A List of Endless Gratitude….

A list that will include the messy things in my life, the chaotic things in my life that God is teaching me each day to see as blessings and give thanks….

Give Thanks with a grateful heart….
This is My Grateful Heart List….
And so, today I give thanks with a Grateful Heart for….

Wavy glass in 100+ year old windows
Skinned knees, Neosporin and extra large band-aids
Buckets and buckets of fresh picked green beans
The wave and nod from neighbors
Soft kisses on temples
The smell and feel of a sweet breeze blowing
Family bike rides
A full garbage bucket bound for the compost heap
The thwap-thunk of a wooden screen door
Bright popsicle-colored smiles with matching colored chins
Making do
My band of gold
The feel of his hand holding mine
A wink that holds a promise
The heart-shaped prayer box locket around my neck…. The reminder it gives
Making my own hamburger buns
Clean sheets hanging on the line then tucked and folded on the bed
Wildflower bouquets created by my girls
Saving buttons and filling two new button jars for my girls
Our local library and its friendly librarians
Bike baskets
Snapping green beans with the kiddos
Family worship
Back road drives
A stack of good books waiting to be read


  1. Amy
    Such a lovely list. I join you in gratitude for a stack of good books to read, family worship and family bike rides.
    Enjoyed my stop at your blog.

  2. Interesting list...we all have so much to be thankful for.



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