Wednesday, July 7, 2010

From the back stoop

The cool of the evening has finally come…

It hasn’t been this cool in days… and is only cool because of the slight breeze and if you don’t move much….
I sit on the still sun-warmed back steps of my parents’ home… the grass is damp under my feet…
That earthy smell is pungent here…
White clover dots fill the yard-- with the heat & putting on the new roof my father hasn’t been able to mow.
I don’t mind it… I like the thicker grass and clover—how it feels cool & lush on my bare feet…
The barn’s mercury light just buzzed on & is beginning its glow…
When I lived here growing up I remember the safety I felt at nite with that light illuminating the backyard.
I remember playing hide & seek in the shadows…. Catching fireflies and camping out in tents, sometimes homemade in the backyard, only a few feet from the back door….
The landscape has changed & yet still has the same pull on my heart….
The big red barn and silo are gone--- gone before I moved out—yet pieces remain… some barn wood saved, cement slabs of the silo now make up the sidewalk along the east side of the house….
A few pieces of the barn grace the one barn that still stands—though at a slight sloping angle.
I look to the south… fields and swamp and stream and see a thick mist hovering over it all… an obvious result of today’s oppressive heat.
The first star is out now, as are the lightning bugs and the mosquitoes—oh those dratted mosquitoes trying to steal away my joy of this perfect moment where past and present merge in my mind’s eye and I sit on the still warm steps….
Most content.


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