Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Tuesday of July

Cranberry Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins…. Writing on rocks with chalk….
Mr. Conductor practicing his dancing on my kitchen floor in cowboy boots that are a size or two too big…. Smiling and twirling and clomping with such vigor and joy….
A new bike basket for my bike…. I am envisioning biking to the farmer’s market and loading up on homegrown goodness…. Or a small picnic snack packed in it all cozy like for the kiddos and I to enjoy after biking to the park…. Of course not right now in this 90+ degree heat….
Going to the library and stocking up on more Encyclopedia Brown…. Plus a few other good reads.
Measuring feet with my kiddos…. I do believe one of those girls will be flitting around in her momma’s shoes begging to wear the fun ones by the end of summer…. Or sooner.
Sitting in the cool air, rocking in my favorite chair, listening to the kids banter and knitting a baby washcloth….
Mr. Steady and the kiddos filling two gallon-size ice cream buckets full of just picked green beans….
Eating homemade subs with ‘marriage soup’ [Italian Wedding Soup but Mr. Conductor coined the term ‘marriage soup’ and it has stuck] in fun mugs, slurping required.
Turning off all the lights and sitting in the dark with the kids to watch the old TV show Davy Crocket in black & white….
Reading one more chapter of Encyclopedia before bedtime….


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