Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A favorite easy-peasy recipe from my childhood

I love being able to share pieces of my childhood with my children in tangible forms…. Passing down family traditions….

Sharing foods and recipes and deliciousness from my childhood memory banks…. Amazingly enough- I still love this recipe as much as I did as a child and I take great delight in the fact that not only has it become a favorite with my children but it is one of the most requested meals of the kiddos friends…. And my nieces and nephews.
Bologna burgers were a special treat growing up. My brother use to call them “blony boogers” which still causes me to smile as I reach back in my memories…. I can see us dancing around in the kitchen after mom had told us what was for supper- him grinning and mispronouncing it over and over…. I believe this was one of the rare instances in our childhood where I never bothered to correct his pronunciation.

Bologna Burgers
sliced bologna
hamburger buns
French onion dip

Turn on oven broiler. Butter top and bottom slices of a hamburger bun and place in a pan, place one slice of bologna on bottom bun slice and broil for approx. 2 minutes or until lightly browned and bologna has begun to curl up. Remove from broiler.
Top the bologna with a good sized dollop of French onion dip and top of bun. Serve with a side of chips and more French onion dip for chip dipping.
You can make these in the microwave too but I don't think they taste as good (the buns don't get toasted in the microwave!).
We usually use a 9x13 pan and fit 3 open bologna burgers in it at a time.


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