Sunday, July 25, 2010

Everyday Sunday....

No kiddos this morn….
That comfortable quiet that can only exist between two people who love and know each other inside out… for the better part of 20 years….
I is nice, simple and lovely
Then the glorious chaos that is Sunday School…. Lots of laughter…. This I so enjoy….
Wonderous Worship….
A way, way too hurried Sunday dinner followed up quick like with a niece’s wedding shower—we arrive an half hour late—I’m not quiet okay with being late but I’m working on it—lunch together as a family is more important—wondering perhaps if I shouldn’t have hurried it along as I did…. Food for thought.
The shower is lovely—we have a few “nice visits” as my grandmother would say—with family & friends…. We leave this get-together early in order to get home with time to pack up Sassafras & Mr. Conductor’s bikes….
It’s 50’s Drive In tonight @ church—a fundraiser for Compassionate Ministries….
With bike parade for the kiddos and old cars on display for the enjoyment of all….
I carry my camera—snap, snap, snap…. I enjoy this….
My still preggo Sis and her sweet hubby come too—hoping a ‘bumpy car ride’ might move things along…. No such luck so far…. I take a few pictures of her…. She is such a beautiful pregnant woman….
Leaving church but our day isn’t done—we cap it off with a visit out to my parents….
An evening gator ride out in the big woods—all 7 of us….
The beauty…. Oh the view, the sights, the smells of the woods—all earthy and real….
This never ceases to bring me joy—even the horse flies can’t dim this beauty—
This is Family
This is a Good Life.


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