Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Don't miss a moment

Opening my day with prayer…. Starting with those requests weighing heaviest on my heart…. Wondering if some things and some people will ever change- change for the better….

Realizing again, in the quiet, that I am changing and the change is good…. So thankful that He continues to grow & stretch me—painful, oh so very painful, at times but more than necessary for my well-being and best benefits…. Change for my better…. Continuing to learn to leave my pride by the side….
I love the coming down the stairs in the morning when the house is so quiet—I’m the only one up yet and my time is my own, for a bit….
Yogurt with fresh fruit for breakfast…. Peaches, apricots, cherries & kiwi today….
Quiet is gone—kids chasing each other thru the house and laughing like hyenas…. Mama says, “Perhaps you should slow down, someone could get hurt.” Kids slowdown for a millisecond, look at mama like that couldn’t possibly happen, and take off again…. Mama sends the hooligans outside to run….
A load of laundry in the wash….
Thawing sausage for supper….
Getting the biscuit recipe out….
Praising the cooler weather and getting work done in the schoolroom…. Some schedule tweaking, working to weave and write a gardening basics curriculum, catching up on email….
Late afternoon chatting with Mr. Steady…. Then he and I making supper together—brushing against each other as we work…. I will never tire of his touch…. May I not ever take it for granted either….
Packing snacks to take along to a softball game…. Packing my knitting too, I like to multitask….
Family ice cream sundae at home after the game….
Sticky kisses….
A good reminder.
Always kiss me good-night.


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