Monday, July 26, 2010

Dinner for 5 for $3- No kidding!

I love it when a good meal costs less than $5 to feed my family of 5.

I am also absolutely in love with my newest cookbook Gooseberry Patch’s Dinner on a Dime.
I treated myself to this cookbook—must say that it was $12 well spent—a good investment.
We had Curly Noodle Supper off of page 9 and while it said it served 4, all five of us ate with enough leftovers not only for Mr. Steady’s lunch tomorrow but enough left for two more kid-size servings. We served it along side pan-fried zucchini compliments of Chef Steadyman.
When calculating the meal, as I always do…. I found it cost less than $3! Yes, that’s right, we feed a family of five for under THREE DOLLARS.

Curly Noodle Supper
1 lb. ground beef
3 oz. pkg beef flavored ramen noodles
1 can stewed tomatoes
1 can corn, drained
In a skillet over med. heat, brown beef with seasoning packet from noodles, drain off grease. Break up noodles and stir into seasoned beef. Add tomatoes with juice and can of corn. Reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
I substituted ground turkey for the beef and the corn from 3 large ears we had leftover from lunch yesterday. Here’s a breakdown:
Turkey burger $1.19
Ramen noodles $0.17
Stewed tomatoes $0.96
Corn- free
Total: $2.32

Pan-fried zucchini- 2 eggs, some flour and some spices from the pantry (a Chef Steadyman secret recipe) and 1 large zucchini, sliced. By Mr. Steady’s calculations, he estimates it cost about $0.27 for the batter ingredients and the zucchini was free (as it should be).
Main dish: $2.32
Side dish: $0.27
Total cost of meal: $2.59
Our beverage: water.
This was a super easy meal- easy to make and easy on the budget. One of my favoritest things about summer is the food- first—we grow a lot (or receive produce from friends sharing their garden bounty) and it’s free—except for labor, and secondly- we eat lighter, which is cheaper on the pocketbook.


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