Monday, July 12, 2010

Blessed ordinary days.... one after another

Extended quiet time and meaty prayers in the cool of the morning….

Dew thick on the grass….
Enjoying my first cup of coffee as I write furiously and then languidly in my prayer journal….
Answered prayers…. God’s goodness and faithfulness….
Thunder rumbling in the distance and me unable to decide if I should chance hanging the sheets on the line….
Thankful that while it is still hot out, the humidity has dropped and made it more bearable….
A phone update from my sister, only 10 more days ‘til her due date…. We are all anxious to meet this little girl and love on her in person….
A quick pop-in at the library to turn in books due today, reminder that summer reading is coming to a close this week and knowing my kids read oodles of good books and will continue on….
Admiring my flowers as I cut a few to enjoy inside….
Throwing together an impromptu picnic-style lunch to share with friends….
Making my own Italian-style bread crumbs….
Watching the kids blow huge soap bubbles in my dish water….
Another bushel of green beans picked….
Snapping green beans at the farmhouse kitchen table with Mr. Conductor-- the breeze blowing thru the windows and us chatting and snapping and me glorying in the almost-free garden goodness....
Ah, the feel of a big burst of breeze through the kitchen window as I work over the sink….
Trying two new recipes for supper…. Parmesan zucchini sticks and hamburger cream gravy on toast….
Both delicious….
The wonderful, ordinary-ness of sitting at the table together eating supper….
Snuggling with the boy at bedtime and talking about the day….
Kisses and hugs good-night from my girls….
My life is full of blessings…. One after another.


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