Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An average Tuesday in July....

I am in love with waking up to cooler, breezy mornings….

Sassafras wanders into breakfast with a blanket, she’s chilly--- we laugh over the sheer enjoyment of such weather….
A page of math each after breakfast…. Keeping our brains sharp and our lessons in mind…. Ms. Books is learning compound interest and this has become a great opportunity to speak with her about the evils of credit card debt….
Hearing Mr. Conductor make a drum set from this & that he found lying about…. The tap-tap-rat-a-tat-tat on surfaces of this & that as he moves from living room to dining room to kitchen keeping a steady rhythm… enhanced by his ohsocute playful half smile…. I encourage his joyful noise with a smile & a wink….
Ms. Books making notes & classifying the rocks she collected at Lake Michigan… using our homemade archeological dig kit….
Sassafras humming as she pumps one leg while lounging on the porch swing and reading Encyclopedia Brown….
The creak of that swing harmonizing with her hum….
The smell- that special gift-from-God smell of my little boy as he curls on my lap for a quick snuggle….
Making homemade buns for a family favorite for supper….
Mr. Steady playing softball- our church league…. Men sitting in a semi-circle for a short devotional led by our team coach….
Watching my two youngest run the bases with friends after the game…. Mr. C just flies—I am amazed at how fast that boy is. Mr. Steady laughs and grins hugely.
Visiting with friends after the game….
Coming home late and sitting at the kitchen table with forks and digging into a plate of desserts given to us by a dear lady from church….
Finishing my day with a late nite girl talk with Ms. Books….
Thank you Lord Jesus that my daughter comes to me with her questions and concerns and isn’t afraid to bare her heart to me. May this always be so, Lord. Help me to listen to her with my heart and to answer her with Your wisdom. Guide me Lord as I guide her and my other two blessings….
Bless our parenting to overflowing, Lord Jesus.


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