Monday, July 19, 2010

Adding up the moments....

A happy life is simply the sum
of many small, happy moments.
-Penny Krugman

Ms. Books off to babysit for a friend this morning….
Snapping beans and working on math problems….
Monday’s laundry….
A bike ride to the library….
Watering the gardens….
A delivery of homemade cookies from a dear friend….
Mr. Steady creating a batch of his homemade pickles….
Sassafras & Mr. Conductor making a tent fort in the backyard….
Setting out the pretty serving dishes for supper….
Sass making Cherry, Lime & Lemonade….
Choosing an Old Andy Griffith Show episode for family TV time….
Homemade choco-banana milk shakes…. Slurpy goodness.
Everyone coming outside and sitting on the porch steps to get a better glimpse of the beautiful orange evening sky…
The end of day.... a sum of many happy moments.


  1. Your daily life almost sounds like you could be living in Mayberry!!
    I love it!

  2. Suzy- At times it is! I choose to ignore the times when it isn't! Writing these journal entries every day this month has helped me to more clearly see just how blessed and wonderful my life really is!



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