Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekly Menu Plan #12

The pleasure of the table
may be enjoyed every day,
in every climate, at all ages,
and by all conditions of men.

The Yellow Farmhouse Weekly Menu Plan
for June 7th thru 13

We are on a vanilla yogurt kick here... the kiddos and I have been experimenting with different add-ins and enjoying the diversity. I've actually been able to get Mr. Conductor to eat something other than his dry cereal chocolatey-puffs for breakfast. That is a break-through!

B: Vanilla yogurt topped with sliced strawberries & brown sugar, toast
L: dressed up fast-food burgers, chips and lemonade
D: Cheesy BLTs, pickle spears
Dessert: Root Beer Floats
B: Choice: cereal or yogurt
L: with friends
D: mini subs (recipe @ end of post), chips, pickle spears
Dessert: none
B: Baked oatmeal topped with fresh fruit & dollops of whip cream
L: Turkey & cheese sliders, cottage cheese, apple slices
D: White Chicken Chili, cornbread
Dessert: none
B: Baked oatmeal topped with fresh fruit & dollops of whip cream
L: hot-diggity dogs and cornbread, pickle spears
D: Sloppy Joes, chips, pickle spears
Dessert: choco-banana shakes
B: Vanilla yogurt topped with peaches & brown sugar, toast
L: Diner Dinner (choice leftovers)
D: sausage gravy & biscuits
Dessert: fresh fruit
B: Daddy Cook (eggs, bacon, toast etc)
L: Leftover Smorgasbord
D: homemade pizza
B: Coco Wheats w/dried cherries, toast
L: Dining out- celebrating children’s summer musical production
D: picnic style sandwiches, chips, cheese & crackers
Beverages for the week:
Milk, Water/lemon water, lemonade
Snacks for the week:
Muffins, apples, peaches, cheese crackers, cookies

Mini Subs
Hot dog buns
Deli meats of your choice
Cheese of your choice
Lettuce & tomato
Lightly butter hotdog buns, top with meat and cheese and broil for 1-2 minutes (until cheese is melted and buns are lightly toasted) add lettuce & tomato and perhaps a bit of mayo.
Our favorite combos: ham & cheddar and turkey, mozzarella topped with a few bacon crumbles.

Read other great menus or post your own at The Organizing Junkie’s blog.

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  1. Yum! White chicken chili sounds really good!
    Have a great week!



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