Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nourishing Words with Breakfast

…But if you’re down on your luck,
He’s right there to help.
Wise living gets rewarded with honor;
Stupid living gets the booby prize.
Proverbs 3:25 The MSG

The kiddos and I have decided to read a chapter of Proverbs every day this month. Today being the 3rd, we read and discussed chapter 3. We discussed together that it is good to read different versions of the Bible to gain new insights and we decided together, since most of us study from the NLT, we would use The Message for our daily Proverbs reading. It has been a great start. The kids like the rhythm of the Proverbs... and the word pictures… the personification: Lady Wisdom Madame Insight, Clear Thinking, Common Sense…
The verse above finished chapter 3 today. I told the children the writing style reminds me their Big Grampa [my maternal grandfather, Harry Smith]… gruff, no-nonsense, blunt… not caring if it offends… The kids liked this idea. Bringing another facet of their family history to roost for them… I can just about hear my Grampa saying, "Stupid living gets the booby prize." Spot on.
The kids chuckled at that... we don't normally say "the S-word" here... and what's a 'booby prize'? Great discussion as we sat together at the table... all eagerly listening.
As we finished, Mr. Conductor asked me to read it again.
Of course, I obliged him.
Today I enjoyed these words in chapter 3…
“Dear friend, guard Clear Thinking and Common Sense with your life; don’t for a minute lose sight of them. They’ll keep your soul alive and well, they’ll keep you fit and attractive. You’ll travel safely, you’ll neither tire nor trip.
You’ll take afternoon naps without worry, you’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep. No need to panic over alarms or surprises, or predictions that doomsday’s just around the corner, Because God will be right there with you; he’ll keep you safe and sound.”
I happen to be very fond of naps and adore a good night’s sleep.
Isn’t that a beautiful word picture?


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