Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Musings

Well, here’s hoping the weather this week goes along with the forecast. We’ve had some horrid storms the last few weeks and days and days of rain. The plants in the gardens are all lush but so are the weeds! It’s either been raining or too too hot to do any weeding….

I believe I may be a fair weather gardener. I don’t like to garden when it’s 90 degrees with high humidity and the mosquitoes all competing for who can carry me away….
One of our neighbors gave us a cart load of lovely hostas… which are currently blooming while sitting in buckets…. Due to the weather and my indecision as to where to plant them.
I do believe we’re going to dig a few holes and just plop them in tonight.
I was able to weed a quarter of a garden bed yesterday afternoon before thunder and lightning drove me inside…. Oh, this weather. I think some of the weeds will be getting at least another week’s reprieve before I can get to them all.
I’ve got my menu plan back under control and am cramming food into the pantry and fridge for our big bash this coming Sunday. Our 5th Annual Independence Day Bash here on the homestead. We’re figuring about 40 of the almost 60 people invited will be coming to watch the little village parade on our front lawn, eat lots of good food and play lawn games as well as some board games…. Then topping it off with fireworks…. We’re all excited about it… one of our favorite family events to host.
My excitement may be a bit tempered by the length of my to-do list. No matter how much I preplan there is always a ton of stuff to be done the week before the big day. Thankfully this year we don’t have any renovations going on right before hand. Last year the schoolroom and back wall of the house were being frantically worked on to be done in time…. Or mostly done in time.
I’d had high hopes of getting at least the siding on the back porch painted before the 4th but the humidity and constant rain has caused me to rethink those plans, for which Mr. Steady is very thankful.
My Mama took my Sis and I to an Upscale Barn Sale last Friday…. Ooooh, it was an itty bitty bit of the Country Living Fair [which was nice, since we won’t be attending CLF this year] and we all scored some great deals. I took home a couple of pieces of garden art, a galvanized wash tub, red and blue checked napkins, a vintage 50’s Christmas table cloth and runner with white pom-pom fringe, a neat-o painted sign, and a few other doo-dads.
True to my word, after bringing home this vintage junk bounty, I collected a medium sized box of “stuff” from around the home to go to my local GW (Goodwill). My word being, “For every one thing I bring into my home, one thing must go.” This is just me trying to keep the stuff monster from creeping into my home…. I’ve also managed to go thru 2 out of the 3 kids’ dressers and accumulated two large garbage bags of gently used clothing for GW as well. Ms. Books will go thru her own drawers (per her request) and we’ll tackle the clothes closets after the 4th, perhaps way after, like say in November….
I filled the trunk with the box and bags plus two more boxes of books that I weeded out of the library- Which is almost ship-shape and picture ready…. Almost… just a few things left to do, then I’ll be ready to show it off.
I know I could very well have a yard sale with all the “stuff” I’ve been hauling the GW the last few months but then I’d have to store it all here and I’d procrastinate something fierce and so, for the mental health of all the family [because if mama ain’t happy than nobody’s happy and clutter definitely makes me UNhappy]…. It all goes to GW. I get a donation receipt each time I drop off “stuff” and with the receipt comes a 20% discount coupon that never expires and is good at five of the GWs in my area. This makes me feel quite accomplished without the hassle of having a yard sale. I have also been able to gift my sister with bags upon bags of baby and toddler girl goodness that I found I still had tucked away after so many years…. And that makes me feel good too.
We are enjoying our summer and the summer projects it has brought for us…. Like picking almost 5 quarts of wild raspberries along the edges of the fields by my parent’s farm. I’ll be making my father a raspberry cream pie for his birthday this week— his very favoritest pie. We’ve been walking and bike riding and hiking too. To my dismay, it looks like our local farmer’s market might not make it… only 3 booths on opening day and rained out since, so I am contemplating traveling a bit farther to find farm market goodies…. Oh, how I wish we had a really great farmer’s market nearby….


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