Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bazoodles of Books....

I love the smell of book ink in the morning.
~ Umberto Ecow

I am hip-deep in the process of creating a little library in our home. A large dressing room, that we once used as a nursery, is blossoming into the bestest reading nook ever. However, it is a longer process than I imagined. I spent over eight hours yesterday working on it. Talked Mr. Steady into two more bookcases for the room and I am filling them all (6 large five-shelf cases and 1 small 2 shelf) with good books. I didn’t realize we had so many books. We’ve been homeschooling for 4 years and I’m wondering how many books will there be when we finish in 12 years? We may need to add on to the house…
The process is taking so long because I am serious about organizing it all. Curriculum cores each have their own shelves, one per child per year… series books are all in order, two shelves of US History, A shelf of Michigan History, a shelf of states and world geography… a shelf full of science books and another of science tools… oh, the beauty of this little place.
I cannot believe all the what-not I had stashed away in this room… there are boxes still sitting out full of things without homes and I will need to be ruthless in going thru them. I’ve got 4 boxes of books to take to a local used book store (I love the store credit!) and 3 bags to take to Goodwill (GW). Some boxes I am dreading opening… thinking if they haven’t been touched in 4 years then they can just move on out the door… but I must peek… I found a box of old family photo albums passed down to me from my grandparents. I would have cried if I had chucked that… I always think it’s a teensy bit sad to see old black & white family photographs for sale at GW. My mama calls them Instant Relatives and loves to use some of them in making cool cards…sometimes she makes up the most hilarious background stories to go with the photos… yet I find it so sad that there is no one to know these folks of their histories… lost and forgotten.
Ms. Books helped rearrange some shelves with me but even her enthusiasm flagged by the fifth hour… plus she had a small stack of books she’d found on the shelves that she wanted very much to wander off and re-read. As we worked we commented back and forth…
“Oh, I remember this one. This was a great story, I think Sassafras should read it.”
“Remember this part… (reads aloud a passage from A Long Way from Chicago).”
“Oh, look! I left one of my favorite bookmarks in this one.”
“ ’Member how this ended… I wish he’d have written another one…”
We laugh and lose track of time.
I finger bindings and read titles… we have duplicate copies of some books and yet they are still hard to part with…
Books that bring back whiffs of my childhood…
Little Women
Charlotte’s Web
The Borrowers
The Boxcar Children
Nancy Drew Mysteries
Encyclopedia Brown
And oh, so many more…
Oh, the joy and memories that fill those shelves… the room isn’t even close to completion but I love walking in there and seeing the glorious row upon row of books! Stacks and stacks of good books.
Plus the rush of pleasure I get from all the wonderous organization!


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