Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Winding down and wrapping up

Winding down the school year…

Its funny how those last two weeks are just the wrapping up of things—the finishing…
And yet they are still so hectic.
We had our homeschool open house on Monday nite and our homeschool group’s track & field day on Tuesday, the younger two kiddos are involved in twice weekly practices for a summer musical, the end-of-year celebratory camp-out is in 3 weeks…
I’ve got homeschool books to go thru… the annual year-end check-up—making sure we have all the books for each curriculum that we used for the year— and inspecting them for wear and tear, making any necessary repairs.
Plus the boxes are rolling in, small and large, on an almost weekly rotation—next year’s schoolbooks.
So there will be the clearing off of bookshelf space for those—plus marking them.
I’ve learned the hard way that it’s best to mark books with pertinent info: which curriculum & age range they are for… so helpful for future reference. These books are priceless to us in our quest for life-long learning, I’d rather not have to purchase the same book twice.
We’ll be adding three more bookcases to our blossoming library; along with a major overhaul of all our books. I’ve got such plans swirling around in my head of how we will categorize them all for the utmost efficiency. And labels too.
A homeschool momma loves labels.
I will be sad to put this year’s books up on the shelf… so many good reads this year.
I love American History and we are in the throws of finishing our second and final year… that is, until Mr. Conductor picks up the books in a couple of years and Sassafras revisits that time period again at an older level… oh, what good books we read this year.
For the open house on Monday nite I asked the girls to pick a few of their favorites from the year…
I heard each girl talking out loud as she went thru her shelf of books… “Oh, I loved that book. And that one was so good too. Remember this one? Oh, I have to bring this one to share…” I interrupted them to add a disclaimer, “Only a few girls, we can’t take them all. Take the ones you loved best and are willing to talk about.”
“Oh, but Mama they were all good!”
“Yeah, its so hard to choose…”
I do believe this to be a good problem to have… and even though American History seems to be our all time favorite history period to study, I am sure we’ll revisit this conversation next year… about another school year’s great books.


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