Friday, May 14, 2010

A post that rabbit trails... hippity hoppity

Oh, what a week…
it has been.
Life is good.
The weather is great.
The garden is growing.
The kids are out running in the fresh air.
Life is soooo good.
Mr. Steady is steadily improving.
My attitude has greatly improved after His reality check.
I am blessed.
Big time.
Laundry has been hung on the line, dried, folded and brought back in…
I made my first ever pretzels last night.
The recipe said it would make 16 to 20 pretzels.
Obviously they didn’t intend for you to make them as big as I did. My way made only 12 pretzels but they are all big and plump and delicious.
I call that a kitchen success.
Pizza sauce and cheese sauce to dip them in.
Mr. Steady says they are just as yummy as the ones we use to purchase at the mall.
When we went to the mall.
Which we don’t anymore.
Except a couple of months ago… which was quite the shocker for our systems…
And our eyes!
I am definitely not a “mall-shopper” any longer. Not my style.
Or in my budget, really.
And that’s quite alright with me.
We’ve rec’d three boxes chockfull of homeschooling goodness this week.
And one last week.
I told the kiddos to stay out of the boxes after they drooled over everything for awhile.
Me: “Hey, that’s for next year! Concentrate on finishing what’s in front of you!”
Aw, Mom.
We have two more weeks of school.
We have a couple of subjects we do all summer… math and such but for the most part, the large part, we’ll be done until the last week of August.
Of course, when you homeschool, life is your classroom and school is never, ever really “out”.
Everything and anything is school-related.
And that suits us just fine.
It’s a great thought that the world is your classroom…
Its good to have the thought always in the back of your mind, no matter your age, that “Today, I’m going to learn something.”


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