Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our Last Day

We did it.
As of last Thursday, We have officially closed out Stones of Remembrance Homeshool for the 2009-10 school year.
Mr. Conductor leapt out of bed that morning when I came to wake him up.
Me: “Good Morning. Time to get up.”
Him- as he is throwing back the covers and launching himself at me for a hug, “Yay, it’s the last day of school Mama. We get a fun day.”
We started with a favorite breakfast: Eggs in a basket and sliced fruits. [A change up from the menu plan]
I set the table with the same books and rocks that have come to be our school’s signature… the same ones that sit on the table for our Back-to-School supper each year.
I added a jar of pencils, because it seemed like the right touch. With a tag saying, “Happy Last Day of School” tied on with ribbons.
School time went by fairly quickly as we closed out all our studies.
We ate a special lunch of super cheesy nachos and in the afternoon the kiddos watched a movie they picked out special for this last day: Robots. Quite hilarious too. I love a good belly laugh on the last day.
Followed by a water war with squirt bottles [we couldn’t find last year’s squirt guns and the bottles worked just as well].
We invited Nana and PawPaw [my parents] to celebrate the last day with us by sharing supper together…
Campfire Cooking--- camp pie pizza, spider dogs, deluxe smores and fire-baked candy bar pies.
PawPaw gave Mr. Conductor a mowing lesson. It was great fun to watch him teaching and Mr. C so enthusiastically listening. One generation to another…
Around the campfire we traded little known yet interesting facts about the presidents, all thanks to a book Nana had recently picked up for us at GW and that the kids had eagerly devoured.
Learning, always learning…
Later as the fire died down and I tucked a cleaned-up Mr. C to bed, he sighed sleepily…
“This was the best last day ever, Mama. Thanks.”
“You’re welcome. It was my pleasure.”


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