Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Making my home a Haven: A place to start

Monica has a wonderful series going on right now under the heading:
Make Your Home A Haven.
Doesn’t that sound inviting?
And lovely?
The past few months my home has been a haven in the sense that it harbored and protected me through a fierce life storm
not in the sense that it is lovely, inviting and relaxing…
3-4 months of inactivity in the haven-making department has left it lacking in some ways…
Now the sun is shining more and I am feeling rejuvenated…
Plus the bathroom renovation project has really stirred my haven-making juices…
There are so many areas of haven-making that need my attention… hence the attraction to Monica’s series…
She has posted a few challenges for us… granted I am a day or two behind but getting started is half the battle.

Monica’s Haven Plan:
1. Refresh your spirit!
2. Do your morning routine.
3. Take time to plan.
4. What’s for dinner?
5. Project of the day

For Me: Tuesday
1. Refresh your spirit!

Psalm 90:17
This verse is one on a list that our homeschool group is praying over to be our theme verse for the next school year. There are others on the list but this is the one I keep coming back to. Perhaps it is because I am in Home-Haven mode and after the dark winterpast, I am understanding the need for God to prioritize my day and bless the work I am doing each day. My heart thrums at the thought of Him daily establishing the work of my hands…
I think of all the work these hands do day in and day out and I know this is a deep need…
He needs to establish my work…
May his favor rest upon me.

2. Do your morning routine.
~ Quiet Time
~ Shower
~ Give bathroom a once-over quick clean
~ Take laundry to laundry room & start first load
~ Breakfast and devotions with kids
~ Breakfast clean up
~ Reboot laundry
~ Start School
3. Take time to plan.
I am a planner. I am a list-maker. I check my planners (home and school) the night before so as to be best prepared for the coming day.
One big difference now--- as I start my day, I pray over my planners and ask God to help me prioritize my day. I speak to Him of my lists and all I feel I need to get done and then I ask Him to be in charge of it all and to help me not to fall prey to checking-off items and miss the importance of an ordinary day.

4. What’s for dinner?
I menu plan two to three weeks in advance, so this is normally a matter of checking the menu plan and thawing/prepping any needed items.
Tonight’s menu: Chicken crescent squares, broiled oregano tomatoes and Death By Chocolate for dessert. The dessert was a change in the menu plan, requested by the children and a yummy surprise for Mr. Steady.

5. Project of the day:
Today was homeschool group and errand running, so I spent a large chunk of the day away from home. However- I had two projects today: blessing my family with hospitality and showing hospitality to myself.
Blessing my family: a delicious dinner set on a pretty table, complete with candles and flowers plus the purchase of a few little fireworks to set off after dark.
Hospitality to myself: I spent some time taking pictures of things I love or that catch my interest and then fiddled with a few in photoshop [the verse photo above is a fiddle-diddled creation of mine from a picture taken last summer].
Interesting side note: I am learning to set perfectionism aside in my quest for simple hospitality- I didn’t have time to iron the table cloth but it didn’t stop me from using it. I didn’t use fancy dishes but color coordinated what we have…

Thank you Monica for spurring me on to creating a Haven in my home.

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  1. Great job! I loved reading about your day!! What a beautiful table you set for dinner and yes, what a great verse to ponder. I pray over my to-do list frequently too. God knows what truly needs to be done each day!

    Thanks so much for participating! Hope your haven is blessed today because of your efforts.



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