Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Somedaysoon, Clutter, Chaos & Purging

Let your enthusiasm show.
~ Irwin Greenberg

Clutter is creeping into my home again…
It stirs up chaos…
Gives me a nervous twitch.
I don’t work well with clutter.
I like things nice, neat, orderly
And in their places…
The dining room is slowly becoming clean
And functional
Since the bathroom redo is in it’s final phase.
This will then lead into my living room being put back to rights.
And then, I am hoping
The Porch (but that may have to wait until school’s out).
I am doing my level best to ignore the state of my children’s rooms.
It doesn’t always work.
Part of me itches to dive in with a couple of large black garbage bags
And purge.
We put them in charge of their rooms, so I don’t.
My only demand: no dirty laundry in the rooms.
However, I stated we would have an end-of-school year cleaning frenzy this year.
We’ll take a couple of days rest after all is said and done and then we will begin.
I’ve got a list… room by room…
We’ll finish the bookcases in the somedaysoon library and grab the piles upon piles of books that are scattered hither and yon.
And give them places of their very own, nice and neat and tidy.
I have plans to label the shelves-- categories…
Then, with books in proper places, we will be able to see the floor and other spaces and begin the purging.
After purging, we’ll attach bed risers to girls’ beds & put in under-bed storage.
Hopefully there will be a corner of our Itty Bitty Library for my scrapbooking supplies, which really haven’t seen the light of day since we started homeschooling…
And I’ve got such ideas… just oodles.
First the library-- Which will sweep open bookcase spaces in bedrooms, the dining room, the hallway, the schoolroom…
Then on to the girls’ room.
Then Mr. Conductor’s room.
It just might take the whole month of June.
But my plan is…
Veni, vidi, vici.


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