Saturday, April 3, 2010

Renovation Thrill$

The bathroom renovations continue. Mr. Steady had to rip up and replace half of the floor… when he gets done putting down the underlayment then we can begin painting. The flooring is the most difficult part.
Yesterday afternoon was spent at a local home improvement store buying necessary supplies. Along with the boring purchases of toilet seals, pipes and lauan board, I was able to purchase a very large mirror to replace the icky old medicine cabinet “thing” on clearance for $35.00 and a trio of beautiful lights to go above the mirror on sale for $38.00. Checking lighting prices the last few days brought me to the realization that lighting isn’t as cheap as I would like it to be and these were a good deal. New switch plate and plug in covers in pewter cost $1.99 each. My Mama gave me two brushed nickel towel bars (I was going to spray paint the ones that were already in there but these are much nicer!) she had purchased from Goodwill (GW).
So far we’ve spent $145.69 on the renovations.
This is way under budget.


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