Saturday, April 3, 2010

Baking Day-- Wash Day-- Work Day

Lots going on here on our little homestead.
Bathroom renovations.

We’ve got quite the list of things to bake today.

Ms. Books helped. She baked the honey oatmeal bread and helped me with the raspberry cream pie.
The Raspberry cream cheese coffee cake was for breakfast today.

The sausage and egg casserole is for Easter Brunch at church in the morning.
The bread, brownies, pie and spoonbread are for Easter Dinner.
We will be having dinner with my parents.
Besides baking and renovating, the girls decided to spring clean their bedroom. They stripped down the beds, washed the linens and air-dried their winter comforters. Their idea and their hard work.

They pulled out their favorite cotton sheets and remade their beds.
The flannel sheets will soon be folded and tucked into flannel pillow cases with small bags of dried lavender and put away in the linen closet until late fall.
And so—my dining room is a bit of a mess. Bathroom paraphernalia strewn around…
Mud and dirt has been tracked in thru my kitchen and dining room…
The toilet and sink sit on my front porch…
But we’ve got plenty of yummy baked goods and nice clean sheets to fall asleep on tonight.
I’m actually okay with that.
Which is pretty wonderful since home projects tend to make me uptight, especially if they aren’t going according to my schedule.


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