Thursday, March 11, 2010

Power of Place- Bloom where planted

The following is the first post in a series about The Power of Place....

I believe in the Power of Place

It has not been an easy journey for me to accept my place.
My place… where I live
My place… in my family
My place… in my work
My place… in my walk with God

There is a power— comfort — contentment in learning that you are where you should be. I am reminded of the phrase “Bloom where you are planted.”
I know this place—because for awhile I was rejecting my soil and wilting in my planted places… those places I have been planted that are mentioned above- my planted place where I live, in my family, in my work and in my walk with God.
The first thing that pops into my head when I think of place and blooming where I am planted is my home.
There was a point in my life where I was rejecting the soil of my home—

I was discontent with my home…

When Mr. Steady and I purchased our home 16 years ago it was my reality dream home at that time--- a beautiful, two story yellow farmhouse style home smack-dab in the middle of a cozy rural village on a large (3/4 acre) lot—big house, big yard, big dreams…
Our dream home was definitely a diamond in the rough. We bought it a few months before we were married- our first home purchase for both of us and we had such grand plans of how we would renovate, fix and repair it into all that we wanted…

Our first year of marriage, Mr. Steady worked 70 hour work weeks and I was in college full-time plus holding onto two part time jobs. We managed to begin the process but not in the manner we had dreamed about- we cleaned up and began shaping up the yard, painted a couple of rooms and replaced the icky powder blue bathroom sink.
20 months later we were outfitting a nursery so the plans for the kitchen and painting the awful Pepto-bismol upstairs hallway were put on hold…
As life and Murphy’s law dictated, it seemed that every time we saved up money for bigger renovations something else went kaput that was just about the same amount as the money we had set aside. We knew it was a God thing that we had the money available for the times we had to repair or replace a vehicle, or the new water heater, new toilet, roof etc. but I began to allow my heart to start wilting under it all.

As life went on, my dream home began to feel like an albatross around my neck. I no longer enjoyed living in town- I felt hemmed in and some of the neighbors were really getting on my nerves… I began to hunger for a home in the country with lots of room to roam and hike, for big gardens, animals—a hobby farm.
And so, I became more and more unhappy with my townie farmhouse as I longed for a new “fixed” house in the country. I kept my unhappiness to myself, for the most part… for awhile, but it soon began to affect my outlook… I let things slide and turned a blind eye—pretty soon I wasn’t just not looking at the cracks in the ceiling, I was ignoring the cobwebs too- icky linoleum? Sticky spot in the corner? Huh?
Now, I didn’t let our home go to pot, I just didn’t care about following through on the little extras that make a house a home and make life at home enjoyable…
What a miserable place to be in… and then I began to change, nothing radical happened- no bolt of lightning or some other such thing… well, except that I was pregnant with #3. So I suppose I could say that it was my nesting instinct kicking into hyper-overdrive or I could just say that I got seriously tired of being blah and hum-buggy about my home—I decided to stop whining about where I was planted and start fertilizing.
A friend told me about this “weird” website called and I found a starting point. I liked her baby steps and decided that with a baby-on-the-way, this was a good plan. I de-cluttered and de-junked and soon found things I loved in my home again. I found that simplifying pulled at me and so as more bags of junk and clutter left my home I felt lighter, not to mention the fact that my home was a lot easier to clean without all that “stuff”.
Not only was my home becoming lighter and taking on a more “airy” feeling but I was too. Who would have thought that getting rid of stuff would actually make you feel so good? As things and stuff and clutter began disappearing, I was able to look at my house differently and actually see and feel the home that was settled inside it.
As I found my home inside the house and my nesting instinct continued to hum at great speed, I began to clean and care. I had implemented many of FlyLady’s steps, like clean sinks, non-cluttered bedroom and dinner prep and such… but the biggest revolution for me was—my table.
In my wilting, I had begun to slip into a throw-the-food-on-the-table-don’t-bother-with-presentation-paper-and-plastic-is-great mentality. Ugh.

To be continued …. right here>>> Tablescaping!


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