Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tablescaping starts

Picking up where I left off right here.....

“I had implemented many of FlyLady’s steps, like clean sinks, non-cluttered bedroom and dinner prep and such… but the biggest revolution for me was—my table.
In my wilting, I had begun to slip into a throw-the-food-on-the-table-don’t-bother-with-presentation-paper-and-plastic-is-great mentality. Ugh."
- A Contented, Common Life on the power of place in her home.

Once I took on FlyLady’s suggestion of setting the table for breakfast the night before- it wasn’t hard to add a few touches- a candle and a couple of knickknacks on a placemat on the center of the table… I found such delight in doing this PLUS my family commented on how nice it was.

Table set for a Valentine's breakfast for the kiddos
This led to the realization that I had beautiful “good dishes” filling my cupboards that needed to be used and loved. I found a stash of cloth napkins and realized that not only are cloth napkins fancy but they are eco-friendly and frugal (being honest: frugal ranks higher for me than being green). I opened the linen closet to find two stacks of lovely tablecloths I had inherited from my Grandmother… they needed a fresh washing, they’d been stashed and squashed for so long…

Pretty soon, the family was sitting down to dinner served in real serving dishes (not pots straight off the stove), place settings with all required silverware and cloth napkins.

Can you believe it- prettying up the table affected me/us in other ways?!?
The quality of our meals improved- I began to love cooking again.
The quality of our conversation improved. Everyone felt special because I took the extra time to make things special.
My kiddos delight in having dinner by candlelight!

I also have the added bonus of teaching my children how to properly set a table. Each of them loves to take turns “making a pretty table” as Mr. Conductor calls it.
And so, began our tablescape conversion.
We’ve added some darling plates & platters, interesting silverware, cloth napkins and tablecloths via thrift shops.
Should you visit my home, things may be a bit dusty, a few toys strewn here and there, a stack of books leaning precariously over there…
But my tables will be beautiful!
Suffice it to say, I’m blooming in the planting of my home.


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