Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Giving Revelation thru hand lotion

Tweaked from my blogging archives- circa 2006

Share with God's people who are in need.
Practice hospitality.~ Romans 12:13

Thinking on GIVING--- On Hospitality….
Last nite I did my normal get-ready-for-bed ritual. I put on my jammies, brushed my teeth, put lotion on my face and hands and then went to check on my girls. They were fast asleep and I reached out to them in order to touch them as I prayed over them. When I touched Ms. Books hand I realized it was quite dry. I thought to myself “I’ll need to remind her to put hand lotion on in the morning.” Then the thought hit me “why don’t I just do it now?” So I went and got some of my own special, sweet smelling lotion and began rubbing it into my sleeping daughter’s hands. As I rubbed, I prayed and asked blessings for her. I then did the same for my Sassafras. During this time I thought to myself, “Well, I didn’t need to spend the time putting on my own lotion earlier. I’m getting more than enough rubbed into my hands as I rub it into theirs.”
Just after thinking that I had a revelation about giving.
How often am I worried about getting “all my ducks in a row” and things under control in my own life before I even think of reaching out to give, to help others? (ie- making sure I had lotion on before bed and almost not bothering with my daughters)
How often do I say- “Oh I can do that some other time. I can’t be bothered now.” (ie- walking away and thinking I’d remind them in the morning about hand lotion)
As I sat there rubbing lotion into my sleepy girls’ hands I realized that what I was giving of myself was small but in the giving- I was receiving. As I put the lotion on their hands it was, in turn, rubbing into mine. When we give to others, whether it’s giving of our time or our money or our resources, I like to think that a bit of it rubs back into us. Rubbing lotion on my DDs’ hands was just a small thing for me to do but as it soaked into their dry, chapped skin I could feel the difference it made to them and I could immediately SEE the difference.

What I gave was just a small token to me but it made a big difference.
A few of years ago, I took my then youth group on a missions trip to Tennessee; while there we spent a day with Widows Harvest Organization. We thought we would be helping them build or repair things; instead we spent the day mowing lawns. As we started, my teens were sullen and disgruntled. They felt the job was beneath them and wasn’t making the impact they wanted to make. Then later in the day their perspective changed. We mowed a large yard (about 2 acres) for a crippled elderly widow. She cried when we got there- said she’d been calling Widows Harvest daily for 2 weeks asking to get her lawn mowed. She was upset at how overgrown it looked and how incapable she was of doing anything about it. She talked about her fixed income and how she couldn’t afford to pay anyone to mow it. She cried tears of joy and thanked us over and over. My kids were stupefied! They didn’t realize until that moment that something that meant so little to them meant the world to her.
Sometimes I forget the lesson we learned that day. That whatever we can do, be it little or small, makes a difference. People are always saying “if everyone just helped out a little we could . . . .”
Too often I am wrapped up in what I need to get done in a day. I think- I can’t help someone else when I can’t even take care of things here at home. I have just enough money for our groceries- how could I help someone else?
I thought “The lotion can wait until morning. I’m tired. What good will it do to do it now?”
Guess what, I touched my daughters’ hands this morning and it did a tremendous of good.


  1. This is a beautiful observation. Since you posted this, I noticed that I also get my hands and nails deep-cleaned when scrubbing pots and pans after dinner.
    ;-) April

  2. This is a truly lovely post... What a wonderful analogy!



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