Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From Some day to Immediately

A some-day remodeling project has now become a need-to repair project.

The remodeling of the downstairs bathroom has always been on my list of Redo’s. In 16 years we haven’t gotten to that one yet. Except for replacing the powder blue sink the first year. That was a major improvement.
Well, we recently, real recently, found that the seal on the toilet has “come undone” and with each flush, water has been seeping out under the cream and gold 70’s linoleum...
Soaking the underlayment.
Mr. Steady says this is sure to be an all day project.
Since it will require removing the sink and toilet, I asked him if we couldn’t also paint the room while we are at it.
He said okay.
Then I mentioned that I’ve never liked the ugly old medicine cabinet and could he just yank that off the wall so I could paint under it.
He sighed but said okay.
Then I mentioned the out-of-place light fixtures…
He just looked at me with that strange funny look a man gets when his wife has just doubled the length of his project.
I am determined not to double the cost.
I have primer and an almost full can of leftover paint from when we painted our bedroom a couple of years ago. I just need a smaller can of paint for the trim.
The new flooring is wood laminate my mom purchased from Goodwill years ago for a project that she later changed her mind on. She was going to donate it back to GW. Now she’s donating it to us.
Mr. Steady has some rebate dollars for his favorite home improvement store, so we’ll be putting those towards the cost of materials for the project.
It is my hope to bring the project in under $250.
I am quite confident we can do this.
This has gotten me to thinking about being on the look-out for items for future projects. I’ve always known I wanted to redo this bathroom- especially removing the 40+ year old medicine cabinet and lights. I’m wishing I would have carried around some measurements and sketches in my purse and been on the lookout for good deals instead of finding myself where I am at right now- having to pay retail.
With that current woe in mind, I have decided to make some notations in a notebook I carry in my purse- now to find a tape measurer that fits in my purse.


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